landscape projects

We specialise in many forms of hard Landscaping in garden and amenity areas including scrub clearance, pond maintenance and creation, grass turfing and seeding, construction of driveways, walls and paved areas, wood decking and much more.  No matter what scale of project you have in mind we will provide you with top quality results every time.

Garden terracing
Suckley - Worcs

A new terrace in an existing sloped garden was created. The new retaining wall, steps and garden path were built with materials matched to those already used on the wall and paved area on the first terrace. We also created a large garden pond, this was lined with a butyl rubber liner and to the perimeter of the pond we…
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Treatment Plant Installation
Broakoak fishing lakes -Brotheridge Green Nr Upton on Severn.

RMS was called in to undertake the installation of a new septic system to support the fishing lodge buildings. The trenches for the pipes linking the buildings to the treatment plant were excavated using the chain trencher to falls according to current building regualtions. A whole was excavated to depth determined by tank dimensions and local terrain with the guidance…
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Steel Framed Car Port/Garage

RMS services took on the project to design, fabricate and erect a structure to park 2 vehicles in such a way as to be sympathetic to the landscape. The exisiting drive level was continued into the contour of the garden by excavating upto 1.1m depth. day-trips Footings were poured and retaining walls constructed from concrete block with steel reinforcement and…
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Lake dam crest raising
Eastnor Castle, Nr Ledbury Herefordshire.

To comply with Environment Agency Reservoir Act legislation the Eastnor Castle lake required alteration to allow it to have a pre-determined storm surge capacity. Detailed site plans and specifications were provided by Fairhurst engineers for the proposed works. RMS Services brought in and compacted around 1100 tonnes of sub grade material to raise a section of the dam embankment approximately…
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Willow Pollarding
Welland, Nr Malvern

******************** Watch our Video!! ******************** A ditchline lined with overgrown and entangled Willow trees was Pollarded using the excavator mounted tree shear. This made short and safe work of an otherwise awkward to handle situation when attempting it with a chainsaw. The trees can be cut at height and rapidly sorted into cord wood or brash to be burned. A…
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Woodland Coppicing- Tree Shear
Brooke Head Grove, Eastbach Court, English Bicknor, Forest of Dean.

As part of a 15-year woodland management scheme, a one-acre section of dense woodland was coppiced.  All firewood was separated and stacked whilst the brash was either burned or cut up into smaller pieces and left for wildlife cover. This job was completed in four days.

Clenchers Mill Leat Bypass
Clenchers Mill, Eastnor Castle Estate

Approximately 300m of the leat (feeder ditch) for Clenchers Mill had previouisly been destroyed when a large duck lake was formed. As part of the long term restoration of the mill, the leat was to be re-formed for this section. Using a Laser level and machine control device set from level references gained from a site terrain survey, the new…
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Lower Moor, Nr Pershore.

A tired tarmac surface was pulled up and removed from site. The site was excavated and a new stone base was layed and compacted to required depth and level to allow drainage away from the house. The existing concrete curb edging was removed and a new edging of two different sized granite setts was layed. The Lawn to the permiter…
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Post and Rail Fencing
Alfrick, Worcestershire

Seen here putting in sawn treated posts for post and rail fencing. The Posts are driven in with the modified concrete breaker attachment on the 5 tonne excavator.  In this case the 6″x3″ posts are inserted easily without a point. The attachment offers great versatility as it can operate at full reach (over 5 metres from the excavator) and at…
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Mill Leat Clearance and Re-instatement
Clenchers Mill, Eastnor Castle Estate

The Job here was to re-instate the Mill Leat (water supply ditch) that formely fed Clenchers Mill as part of an overall mill restoration project. Having not carried water for around 50 years the Leat was in a particularly overgrown and delapidated  state. A 500metre section, passing through established woodland, was cut and cleared using the Tree shear on the…
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Re-Contouring of lawn area
Luckalls Farm, Alfrick

A steep un-managable area was transformed into a rolling bank in readiness for grass seeding. Firstly the tree stumps were removed from the area to be re-shaped. Earth was then moved from relevant areas and re-compacted to form the desired gradients. A layer of top-soil was then replaced on the surface to allow grass seed to take. The job was…
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Shed Scrub Clearance
Clenchers Mill, Eastnor Castle Estate

The job here was was to clear the overgrown surrounding area to an existing old farm building. A Tree shear was used to carefully remove tall and entangled scrub whilst ensuring the building and nearby overhead telephone lines were left undamaged. After the useful firewood was cut out, the brash was loaded onto a dump trailer using an excavator mounted grapple. This…
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Pond De-silting
Powick, Nr Worcester

Here we were called in to clean out a heavily silted pond which had restricted access. Firstly we removed the water from the pond using a heavy duty pump. Two five tonne machines were used to gain access to the pond where one machine was used in the pond bed to pass sludge to the other machine that was sited…
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LPG tank installation
Welland, Nr Malvern, Worcestershire

Installation of a Below ground LPG tank. The hole was excavated to specified size for the tank. Once the tank suppplier had completed the tank installation the hole was backfilled with sand to form a protective surrounding.  The site was then reinstated by filling the remainder of the hole with top soil and the origional turf replaced to previous level.

Prospect Cottage, Kempsey

Resurfacing of 240 square meter driveway. The existing surface was removed and damaged edging and sub-base replaced. The new surface of 20mm Stowfield chippings was layed at 40mm depth on top of a layer of scalpings from the same quarry source. The job took around 40 man hours, using the 5 tonne digger.