Jobs related to ‘scrub clearance’

Mill Leat Clearance and Re-instatement

The Job here was to re-instate the Mill Leat (water supply ditch) that formely fed Clenchers Mill as part of an overall mill restoration project. Having not carried water for around 50 years the Leat was in a particularly overgrown and delapidated  state. A 500metre section, passing through established woodland, was cut and cleared using the Tree shear on the…
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Shed Scrub Clearance

The job here was was to clear the overgrown surrounding area to an existing old farm building. A Tree shear was used to carefully remove tall and entangled scrub whilst ensuring the building and nearby overhead telephone lines were left undamaged. After the useful firewood was cut out, the brash was loaded onto a dump trailer using an excavator mounted grapple. This…
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