Jobs related to ‘re-contouring’

Steel Framed Car Port/Garage

RMS services took on the project to design, fabricate and erect a structure to park 2 vehicles in such a way as to be sympathetic to the landscape. The exisiting drive level was continued into the contour of the garden by excavating upto 1.1m depth. day-trips Footings were poured and retaining walls constructed from concrete block with steel reinforcement and…
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Lake dam crest raising

To comply with Environment Agency Reservoir Act legislation the Eastnor Castle lake required alteration to allow it to have a pre-determined storm surge capacity. Detailed site plans and specifications were provided by Fairhurst engineers for the proposed works. RMS Services brought in and compacted around 1100 tonnes of sub grade material to raise a section of the dam embankment approximately…
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Re-Contouring of lawn area

A steep un-managable area was transformed into a rolling bank in readiness for grass seeding. Firstly the tree stumps were removed from the area to be re-shaped. Earth was then moved from relevant areas and re-compacted to form the desired gradients. A layer of top-soil was then replaced on the surface to allow grass seed to take. The job was…
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