Jobs using ‘tree shear’

Willow Pollarding

******************** Watch our Video!! ******************** A ditchline lined with overgrown and entangled Willow trees was Pollarded using the excavator mounted tree shear. This made short and safe work of an otherwise awkward to handle situation when attempting it with a chainsaw. The trees can be cut at height and rapidly sorted into cord wood or brash to be burned. A…
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Tree Bough Trimming – Tree Shear

Overgrown Tree Boughs and hedges were cut back to allow unrestricted access for the larger farm machinery. The tree shear can quickly and effectively trim to a height above that required for combines and forage harvesters, eliminating the need for a two-person operation involving a chainsaw and access platform. The shear will effortlessly tackle, re-handle and process prickly hedge material without…
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Woodland Coppicing- Tree Shear

As part of a 15-year woodland management scheme, a one-acre section of dense woodland was coppiced.  All firewood was separated and stacked whilst the brash was either burned or cut up into smaller pieces and left for wildlife cover. This job was completed in four days.

Mill Leat Clearance and Re-instatement

The Job here was to re-instate the Mill Leat (water supply ditch) that formely fed Clenchers Mill as part of an overall mill restoration project. Having not carried water for around 50 years the Leat was in a particularly overgrown and delapidated  state. A 500metre section, passing through established woodland, was cut and cleared using the Tree shear on the…
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Shed Scrub Clearance

The job here was was to clear the overgrown surrounding area to an existing old farm building. A Tree shear was used to carefully remove tall and entangled scrub whilst ensuring the building and nearby overhead telephone lines were left undamaged. After the useful firewood was cut out, the brash was loaded onto a dump trailer using an excavator mounted grapple. This…
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Hedging Works – Tree Shear

The tree shear is seen here in action on agricultural land near Droitwich coppicing overgrown hedgerows in preparation for fencing. Large work rates are achievable without the need for a chainsaw. Also work can be done at heights of up to around 18feet which is ideal for clearing overhanging tree boughs around agricultural land allowing sufficient height clearance for the…
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