agriculture projects

We have over ten years of experience in the Agricultural sector. Over these years we have been involved in a wide variety of projects including Farm building site preparation, concreting, hedging works, drainage and ditching, farm tracks, water pipe and cable installation and much more! Check out our jobs list below for examples of what we’ve been doing.

Treatment Plant Installation
Broakoak fishing lakes -Brotheridge Green Nr Upton on Severn.

RMS was called in to undertake the installation of a new septic system to support the fishing lodge buildings. The trenches for the pipes linking the buildings to the treatment plant were excavated using the chain trencher to falls according to current building regualtions. A whole was excavated to depth determined by tank dimensions and local terrain with the guidance…
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Willow Pollarding
Welland, Nr Malvern

******************** Watch our Video!! ******************** A ditchline lined with overgrown and entangled Willow trees was Pollarded using the excavator mounted tree shear. This made short and safe work of an otherwise awkward to handle situation when attempting it with a chainsaw. The trees can be cut at height and rapidly sorted into cord wood or brash to be burned. A…
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Tree Bough Trimming – Tree Shear
Little Malvern Farms.

Overgrown Tree Boughs and hedges were cut back to allow unrestricted access for the larger farm machinery. The tree shear can quickly and effectively trim to a height above that required for combines and forage harvesters, eliminating the need for a two-person operation involving a chainsaw and access platform. The shear will effortlessly tackle, re-handle and process prickly hedge material without…
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Woodland Coppicing- Tree Shear
Brooke Head Grove, Eastbach Court, English Bicknor, Forest of Dean.

As part of a 15-year woodland management scheme, a one-acre section of dense woodland was coppiced.  All firewood was separated and stacked whilst the brash was either burned or cut up into smaller pieces and left for wildlife cover. This job was completed in four days.

Post and Rail Fencing
Alfrick, Worcestershire

Seen here putting in sawn treated posts for post and rail fencing. The Posts are driven in with the modified concrete breaker attachment on the 5 tonne excavator.  In this case the 6″x3″ posts are inserted easily without a point. The attachment offers great versatility as it can operate at full reach (over 5 metres from the excavator) and at…
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Water Pipe Installation
Pirton Court Farm

Here we were called in to install a new water pipeline for supplying livestock water troughs around the farm. The chain trencher attachment was used to form a trench to 750mm depth at 150mm width. 280m of trench was formed and a 25mm MDPE water pipe installed. The attachment forms a fine crumb which is pushed aside into a neat…
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Yard Concreting
Ryalls Court Farm, Nr. Upton-on-Severn

Here we concreted various yard areas at Ryalls Court Farm. The farm is an organic dairy and beef livestock farm. We concreted livestock yards and slurry store works using high specification concrete mixes. These offer high resistance to livestock effluents. Laser levelling equipment is used to prepare a base and set up form-work on large level areas. Where falls are required,…
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Land Drainage
Bank Farm, Leigh

Here we drained a wet area in a grass field to bring it back into production once again. A trench was excavated with adequate fall using a grade laser level along with machine control reciever mounted on the excavator boom. Once the exact source of the spring water was located, a perforated land drain pipe was layed along the trench…
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Pirton, Worcestershire

The Job here was to clear out a heavily silted ditch line that had been causing drainage issues and flooding in periods of high rainfall on the surrounding land. Historically brooks and ditches would have been routinely maintained every few years on farms during the winter months at times where traditionally there would have been a surplus in labour. Today…
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Hedging Works – Tree Shear
Stoke Prior, Nr Bromsgrove, Worcestershire

The tree shear is seen here in action on agricultural land near Droitwich coppicing overgrown hedgerows in preparation for fencing. Large work rates are achievable without the need for a chainsaw. Also work can be done at heights of up to around 18feet which is ideal for clearing overhanging tree boughs around agricultural land allowing sufficient height clearance for the…
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